Hello, my name is

Joshua Lynch

and this is what I do...

WordPress Projects

WP Journo: WordPress & journalism Blog

WP Journo Theme & Framework

WP Journo is not just my WordPress & Journalism blog—it also provides a simple and lightweight theme framework for many of my WordPress projects.

Design, Theme Development, Content Strategy, Blogging

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Design Presenter: Show Web Designs to Clients

Design Presenter

Design Presenter is a WordPress theme for designers and project managers who would like to showcase web design image drafts to clients like they would appear in a browser fully developed.

Design, Theme Development, User Support

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West Seattle Blog

West Seattle Blog

West Seattle Blog is a leading hyperlocal, independent news site whose reader-oriented approach won it the Community Collaboration Award from the Online News Association in 2010.

Database Maintenance, Server Administration, Theme Modifications, WP & bbPress Administration, Product Development, Client Support

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The Spectator Blog

The Spectator Blog

Started under my tenure as editor-in-chief of Seattle University’s The Spectator, Spectator Blog covers pop culture and college life at Seattle University.

Design, Child Theme Development, Integration with Website Powered by College Publisher 5, Content Strategy, Blogging

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Clara Ganey Photography

Clara Ganey Photography

Built on the WP Journo Framework, this site and blog are the portfolio of Seattle wedding and event photographer Clara Ganey.

Design, Development, Plugin Development, Theme Options Development, Server Administration, Content Strategy, Client Support

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Peru Study Abroad

Peru Study Abroad

Perustudyabroad.org is a website and blog for the University of Utah’s annual Peru Study Abroad Program, which works with Peruvian doctors to help reduce infant deaths and childhood diseases.

Design, Child Theme Development, Content Strategy, Photo Editing, Client Support

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Keriann Lynch's Portfolio

Keriann Lynch’s Portfolio

Communications Professor Keriann Lynch’s website is one of several WordPress themes built on the WP Journo framework as a portfolio for journalists.

Design, Theme Development, Content Strategy, Client Support

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