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Simplifying ‘My Sites’ toolbar menu in WordPress multisite

The WordPress Toolbar saves me time daily with useful links as I jump around dozens of WordPress sites editing posts, pages and settings. But as a Super Admin on a multisite installation with hundreds of blogs and websites, I realized it also started costing me time soon after the network was created. Because my Super […].. More»


Theme options plugins & frameworks for WordPress

There are many posts on the interwebs about how to use the WordPress Settings API to create theme options for your WP project. If you find these all too intimidating and time-consuming, there are a number of plugins and scripts to make the task easier: WordPress AdminPage Class I have used Markus Thömmes’ WordPress AdminPage Class […].. More»


Displaying custom post types with the same custom taxonomy value

Recently I was working on a WordPress theme where I wanted to be able to display a list of posts from a custom post type (specifically a milestones post type) that shared the same custom taxonomy value (in this case, a project ID) as the current post. Not being a programmer, I struggled for far […].. More»


6 presidential candidates use WordPress as their CMS

WordPress is the CMS of choice for presidential campaign websites (six out of the 10 declared Republican candidates) and every single candidate is using an open source content management system (Drupal powers the rest)... More»


10 HTML5 news projects

While HTML5's specification won't be finalized for more than three years, news organizations have been experimenting with it for awhile now. Besides making their videos iPad friendly, quite a few media giants have made standalone HTML5 projects that offer refreshing ways to read online... More»


Using WordPress for microsites, small projects

WordPress isn't a catch-all solution for news organization's websites, but it is an excellent candidate to power small projects or microsites dedicated to big stories... More»


Is media consumption killing your production?

Tablets, smartphones, Kindles and Netflix are great, but they can drain lots of productive energy and time out of life... More»